Why digital?

It all starts with the QSO. Maybe you are traveling and want to connect with your friends... just out of range. Maybe you're tired of the background noise. Whatever the reason, the US-TripleNickel helps you get there.

YSF Reflector


The Yaesu System Fustion US-TripleNickel reflector is hosted locally. If you have an openspot, pi-star, etc. This is the connection to make with your Yaesu System Fusion Radio

BrandMeister DMR

TG 3160778

BrandMeister hosts the gateway between this TG (graciously offered up by KI4DMN). The gateway was the first external connection to the YSF Reflector.


KD9RAE-L (792010)

Echolink is connected through AllStarLink and adds the ability to use Computers, iPhones, and Androids (with the Echolink app) to connect to the US-TripleNickel.


Node 543130

The AllStarLink node was added to link the reflector to Echolink. The public node has the link connected to it while a private node does the digital conversion and connects it to the DMR TG.